Norway Indonesia Combining Human Rights Forces

The form of the cooperation was discussed during the Ninth Indonesia and Norway Dialogue on Human Rights that took place in Jakarta from 20 to 21 October 2010.

At the meeting, the two parties discussed a number of topics such as Human Rights and the Military, the Rights of the Child and Interfaith Dialogue and the Culture of Tolerance. This meeting was a continuation of the Eight Dialogues on Human Rights that took place in Oslo, Norway last year.

In his opening remarks, the Director General for the Americas and Europe, Ambassador Retno L.P. Marsudi, who lead the Indonesian delegation, reiterated that the dialogue on Human Rights between the two nations which has been cultivated for almost a decade was one of the most vital cooperation between Indonesia and Norway. “Issues on Human Rights used to be a sensitive issue, nonetheless the two countries are using it as a foundation to strengthen their cooperation.” said the Ambassador.

Meanwhile, head of the Norwegian delegation, Deputy Foreign Minister Erik Lahnstein in his address described the establishment of a rapport between Indonesia and Norway in several Human Rights issues. He also conveyed his sincere appreciation on Indonesia’s role in global cooperation.

Human Rights are not a new concept for Indonesia. Efforts to promote the advancement of Human Rights are a high priority because it is mandated by the constitution and Indonesian Laws. One of its implementation is the ratification of the National Action Plan on Human Rights (RANHAM) by the Presidential Decision Number 40 of 2004.

That was the statement by the Indonesian Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Patrialis Akbar, in his written address read by Triyono Wibowo, the Deputy of the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

“This is the new Indonesia, it is the outcome of a reformation process which has been going on for ten years,” added Director General Retno Marsudi. A point worth noting, bilaterally, Indonesia was one the country that promoted the establishment of ASEAN’s Human Rights Body for advancing Human Rights in South East Asia.

Recommendation made by the Ninth Dialogue on Human Rights would be used as a starting point for organizing the upcoming Tenth Dialogue on Human Rights in the hope that it would create a breakthrough in advancing the cooperation on Human Rights between Indonesia and Norway.

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