Accidents Expensive for Swedish Insurance Company

Länsforsakringar Gothenburg and Bohuslän, one of 24 local Swedish insurance companies, spend nearly 22 million SEK in compensation for more than 2500 accidents, crimes and injuries associated with travel.

“Average cost of hospitalization in e.g. Thailand is 27 000 SEK (116.000 THB) and the cost associated with certain types of accidents nearly doubled, says Dr. Bjorn Schedwin, Head of Injury Claims at Lansforsakringar Gothenburg and Bohuslän.

“Are you in need of special repatriation air ambulance the cost are upwards 1 million. So, without if a persoin has no insurance, an illness or accident on the trip to be really expensive. It is very important to review insurance coverage before you travel,” he adds.

A visit to the doctor and some medicine need not be so expensive. That is if you go to hospital and / or need transportation back to Sweden to runaway costs. A repatriation can cost from 10-20000 to 1 million dollars.

In avarage, victims insured with Länsforsakringar received 8800 million SEK in compensation from the insurance. The most common were compensation for sickness and accident costs.

Länsforsakringar Gothenburg and Bohuslän offer some advice for travelers:
– Always bring with you trhe service card from the insurance company with the phone number where you can get help 24 hours a day.
– Carry with you a copy of your passport.
– Avoid large amounts of cash. Insurance protection for cash and valuable documents are limited. Use debit cards or travelers checks.
– Keep everything of value in your hand luggage.
– If you leave valuables in your hotel room, lock them in safe or suitcase.
– Always notify the local police if you get mugged or robbed. Ask for an original receipt.
– Save receipts for all expenses which you want to be compensated.

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