Over 1.000 Visitors Per Day on ScandAsia.com

A total of 30.454 people visited in October the website http://scandasia.com/. That makes October 2010 the first month where the website was in average visited by more than 1.000 visitors per day.
Visitors has jumped 265 percent from 11.485 visitors in October 2009 to October this year 30.454.

Number of pages viewed has also jumped impressively. In October 2009 the website had 28.580 page views. In October this year, the visitors viewed a total of 61.928 pages. That makes October 2010 the first month where the number of pages viewed on ScandAsia.com has exceeded 2.000 pages per day.

More stats
The statistics above is based on Google Analytics.
Results from another webanalytical program “AWStats”, which scandasia.com has for some time shared with it visitors, is published on this page: ; If these figures are used, the growth is even more impressive.

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