Two Million Tourists Visit Bali

Foreign tourists visiting Bali for a holiday reached two million, or close to expected target of 2.3 million this year, tourism observer Dewa Nyoman Putraman, said here.

“I believe the number of foreign tourists which reached 95 percent will be increased and even exceed the target set by the government,” he said Tuesday.
Putraman`s satisfaction in the increase is proven by the 232.519 people who have arrived at Ngurah Rai Airport in September 2010, while data showed that 1,678.170 tourists spent their holiday in Bali in January 2010.

“It means that in January to September, 2010, the number foreign tourists coming to the Island of God reached 2.010.689,” Putraman said proudly.

Putraman also said that international people chose Bali as their favorite place for vacation enjoying the beautiful landscape and living culture there.
Tourism promotion, Putraman added, still needs to be raised, especially in countries whose people are often traveling.

The Balinese, particularly Hindus, held religious and custom ceremonies almost everyday, moreover, these activities can attract tourists.


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