Norway to Boost Women’s Role in Politics

In an effort to strengthen the status of  Indonesian women in politics and enhance their role in democratic governance, the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta on Thursday signed a cooperation agreement with The Asia Foundation in Indonesia.

“Norway was happy to continue its partnership with Asia Foundation in strengthening the voices and involvement of Indonesian women in politics ,” Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia Eivind S. Homme said in a press release sent to The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

“Much has been achieved, and we want to be there to offer further support in this progress  with women actively taking part in shaping the future of their society and nation”.

Norway will provide US$1.65 million to the activities organized under this cooperation agreement. The agreement was signed by Ambassador Homme and The Asia Foundation representative for Indonesia Robin Bush at the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta on Thursday.

The three-year program,  according to the press release, will focus on achieving increased capacity of women lawmakers at national level and in Aceh, East Java and South Sulawesi provinces.

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