Danish ’Claire Kids’ is Opening 90 Stores in China

Danish manufacturers of children’s clothes report booming exports to China and the world’s largest markets.

Do the brands ‘Katvig’, ‘Mini A Ture’, ‘Claire for Kids’ and ‘Småfolk’ ring any bells?

For quite a while, European children have worn these brands, and now the stylish outfits are being exported to destinations such as Japan, Dubai and China.

The Chinese market for children’s clothes shows a lot of promise, which is why the Danish manufacturer ’Claire Kids’ is opening 90 stores in China this fall, with an additional 210 stores planned for the next two years.

Creative patterns combined with environmentally friendly design are what make Danish children’s clothes so successful, according to global team manager at ’Danish Exporters’, Ms. Martine Gran Barbry.
”In Denmark we make high quality children’s clothes. They look smart and are comfortable, allowing kids to move freely. And they are affordable,” Ms. Barbry explains.

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