B2B Companies Organize Community Day

Esoftflow and Netimplementers have recently co-organized their first Community Day on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) support to the disabled children at Bavi Rehabilitation Centre.  


The event started with a musical show by the centre’s children and the participants from Esoftflow and Netimplementers. Songs and dances were performed with the Full Moon theme. It was warming to see how even small gifts were received with delight by the children, but at the same time it was obvious that the help was only small drops in the water, and that a longer-term commitment would be necessary for really helping out.  


Esoftflow and Netimplementers made contributions – both in-kind and in cash which allowed for preparing special gifts and toys for the centre’s children


The centre management and staff expressed their appreciation of the visit by the Esoftflow and Netimplementer’s staffs. “It is always something special for the children when we have visitors from outside, and it is special at this time of the year, when the kids celebrate the Full Moon Festival” said Mr. Nguyen Ngoc De, Vice Director of the centre.


The Thuy An Rehabilitation Centre is implementing rehabilitation treatments and providing vocational training to more than 150 children ranging from 6 to 16 years. Upon learning about Esoftflow’s active policy in employing disabled people, Mr. De expressed his appreciation for companies giving job opportunities for disabled people.



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