Meets Again

Recently the Danish Ambassador Friis Arne Petersen met with Vice Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People’s Congress, Mr. Ma Wenpu. The Ambassador and the Vice Chairman first met each other in 1997 when Vice Chairman Ma was Vice Minister in the International Department of the Communist Party of China and the Ambassador was Permanent State Secretary of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Vice Chairman and the Ambassador exchanged views on the long lasting and friendly bilateral relationship between China and Denmark.

China and Denmark has a vast and comprehensive cooperation within a wide range of areas, including trade, climate and energy, environmental protection, agriculture, science and technology and pharmaceuticals.

The positive nature of the fruitful and mutual cooperation is also reflected in a high number of high-level Danish visits to China. The past three months alone have seen visits by the Minister for Agriculture, the Minister for Environment, the Minister for Climate and Energy, the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation, the Minister for Culture, and latest the Minister for Foreign Affairs. Besides the ministerial visits His Royal Highness Prince Joachim, the Danish State Food and Drug Administration, Statens Serum Institute (the Danish National Agency for Venom and Vaccine Control) have also visited China this autumn.

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