Swedes Convicted of Fraud in Thailand on the Run

Goran Lundgren and Birgitta Eklund Mickelsson, both 57, were convicted in 2009 by the Stockholm District Court to two and a half years in prison and more than a million Swedish kronor in damages.

Several people were defrauded by the former Skellefteå couple from summer 2005 to spring 2007. The fraud case involved three separate houses and wellness and school projects in Thailand.

But the projects were never implemented. The couple’s promises of contributions proved to be empty and the customers, who invested their money and time in various dream project, were cheated.

The sentence was appealed to the Svea Court of Appeal, where the appeal was turned down.

But once it was time to begin serving time, the couple had vanished. Birgitta Eklund Mickelsson should on October 22, 2010 have reported herself to the Hinseberg prison in Stockholm. Goran Lundgren should have have reported himself to the Kolmarden Krokek prison outside Norrköping on December 6, 2010.

The couple was immediately put on the international wanted list.

Kjell Lindgren, police spokesman in Stockholm, encourages people who see the pair to inform the police.

“If you know anything about where wanted persons are hiding you should I get in touch with the nearest police station,” he says.

“It is important for a sense of justice to persons who will serve long prison sentences also do it.”

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