Denmark Is a Good Country, But…

Too many foreigners who move to Denmark leave before they had originally planned.

The study is based on responses from 1505 residents, who have worked in Denmark. Before moveing to Denmark, 71 per cent planned to stay for three years. But when they first moved, it is only 30 per cent of the respondents who have actually stayed there that long.

“Our biggest problem is the lack of openness among the Danes and and their lack of desire to meet others, says Steen Donner, Managing Director of Copenhagen Capacity, who has been involved in the big Expat 2010 study recently conducted by the Danish government.

“Participants are divided into two equal camps when it comes to whether the Danes have a positive or negative views of foreigners. It’s a huge problem for us that so much perceive us negatively,” Steen Donner says.

“More says that Denmark is generally a good country, but if you do not feel welcome, or if it’s hard to get Danish friends, our good welfare system is not good enough. We are dealing with people who themselves are open and leave home to try his luck in another country, and thus is closed, Danish accommodating a problem, he says.


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