Norwegian Mans Boyfriend Found Dead

A Thai man suspected of taking a drug overdose was found dead at a South Pattaya apartment complex.

On Saturday evening, Police were called to the Danish Royal Inn Apartments in Soi VC Hotel and to room number A3 on the second floor to inspect the body of Khun Tongjan aged 30. He was lying on the floor and is thought to have been dead for at least 6 hours.

Drug taking paraphernalia was spotted inside the room but no actual narcotics were found. Khun Samae aged 42 explained the man had lived at the apartments for almost ten years and was in a relationship with a Norwegian Man who supported him financially.

Khun Samae, who was aware of the victim’s acute drug taking habit, would purchase food for the man on a daily basis and became concerned that no request for food was forthcoming on Saturday which led to the discovery of his body.

For now Police are unsure if the overdose was intentional or not and will wait for the results of a post mortem examination before they continue with the case.

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