Fake Police Try to Kidnap Norwegian Millionaire

5-men pretending to be police had tried to apprehend a Norwegian man in a baht bus [local taxi], but the man fought back and shouted for help. The 5-bogus policemen had run back to their car and sped away, the police managed to catch them and find that they definitely were not real policemen at all. The police believe the case has the third person involved, writes PDN.

At 5.00 am on 25th December 2010, Police Captain Narongdet Tanapoonsin, the Pattaya Deputy Investigator, was notified that 5-men pretending to be police had tried to apprehend a foreign man in a baht bus [local taxi], but the man fought back and shouted for help. The 5-bogus policemen had ran back to their car and sped away. The car [a Blue Toyota, plate No.4752, Bangkok Registration], was in poor condition, and the police used their radio system to contact all check points to block the suspects’

Not too long after that the police had found the car running along the Thappraya Road to Jomtien. The police check point tried to stop them, but the driver sped of through the check point and ran into a local bus, which was driving toward the car from the opposite direction. Both the car and the bus were damaged extensively and could not carry on moving. Luckily nobody was injured, but the five suspects left the car, and ran into View Talay Condo-2, which was located about 500-metres away. The police chased them, managing to catch them all and brought them to the police station to investigate further.

At the police station, Mr. Svein Tore Holtekjoelen, [53], a Norwegian national, was there with his son, to report the incident to the police. He said he was a businessman and was in the real estate business, having several condos in Pattaya, valued at over 100-million baht. He had been living with his Thai wife for sometime but now they had been divorced.

On the night of the incident, Mr. Holtekjoelen had been drinking with his son in Walking Street and caught the local bus, and were riding along Pattaya’s Second Road. When they arrived at Soi Diana, five men approached the bus and stopped it and they claimed themselves as police officers and got into the bus. They pulled him out of the bus onto the road and tried to put him into their car but Mr. Holtekjoelen resisted and fought back and shouted for help. The five men then ran back to their car and drove away.
The police investigated the suspects, Mr. Prayat Silakul [44] from Chiangmai, mr. Wittaya Junteuk, [39], from Ubon, Mr. Pairoj Reung Narang, [37], form Buriram, Mr. Prasert Tanwet, [35], from Nakorn Ratchsrima and Mr. Pan Ratprakon, [39], from Buriram. After one hour serious investigation, the five suspects had confessed that they had followed the victim from Walking Street and attempted to take the victim to kidnap and threaten for money.

The police found a pair of handcuffs, a cutter [knife for stationary use], metal pliers [for cutting metal], paper tape and two fake car plate no. They took all as evidences. Initially, the police will continue investigate the suspects for more information. The police believe there must be someone else behind this case. They also found a person’s named “Tai” on their phone and had been called them during the time. However, the police team are confident revealed that they will manage to arrest the involved people very soon and bring them to justice.
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