Chinese Film Production in Norway

In the beginning of December 2010 a Chinese film team stayed in Målselv, in the northern part of Norway to shoot the introduction and the end of the film “The Pretending Lovers”.

The film project is the first film collaboration between a Chinese and a Norwegian production company in Norway. The involved production companies are the Chinese TIK (INTERFAX-CHINA – Hunan Province’s official cable TV operator Hunan TV & Broadcast Intermediary Co. Ltd.) and the Norwegian Sweet Films.

“The Pretending Lovers” is a romantic comedy, where the main character follows the one he loves to the end of the world. Whether this is Norway or not is up to you to discover by watching the film. Parts of the film were shot in cold winter conditions surrounded by snow covered mountains in Northern Norway.

It is expected that this film will do well in China as both the producer and director is awarded and known for many of their films, as “Shanghai Noon,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” and “Green Hat”. It is the first time that these two work together.

In Norway the film was filmed at Filmcamp that has been used for several Norwegian film productions as, “Død Snø” and “Kautokeino-opprøret”. The camp is originally a military camp and is located at a small iceland, located in Målselv.

“The Pretending Lovers” will have its premier in March 2011 in China. Hopefully more than 3 million Chinese will be able to enjoy the romantic Norwegian landscape and a sweet love story.

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