Scandinavian Christmas Service in Christ Church 2010

The Scandinavian Christmas Eve Service in Christ Church by Swedish vicar Lovisa Möller was attended by close to 200 people, predominantly Swedes. The Danes and the Norwegians were only a handful this year.

The low turn-out had a cost saving impact on the Scandinavian Society Siam, hosting the traditional glass of wine outside the Church after the service. Erika Bjorklund, who was in charge of this on behalf of the SSS Board, left with several bottles unopened.

Swedish vicar Lovisa Möller had maintained the nice tradition of requesting help from members of the diplomatic corps to read each their part of the gospel in their own language. On a day like this, it makes a major difference to hear the familiar words you have heard in your home church throughout your childhood and adult life back home. This year, the tradition was renewed in the way that Lovisa Möller had selected more texts than just the Christmas gospel itself for this element in the service.

Another renewal was her enactment for the children the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, using a carpenter’s ruler as a creative gadget. Now it is folded as a barn, now it is folded as a shepherd’s crook, etc. While it captivated some of the children, others soon lost concentration and started running around the vestry.

After the Swedish service, Jyrki Markkanen, the Finnish minister, took over Christ Church and held a service for the considerably smaller Finnish congregation only. See the photos here.

Lovisa Moller left for Hua Hin, where she on the 25th of December held a Christmas Day service. The Service took place at Restaurant 3 Girls with 60 participants from the Swedish community there.




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