Danish Project Hit by Corruption

A senior official in Ca Mau was arrested 24 Dec for embezzling and turning a blind eye to wrongdoings causing a loss of $200,000 to a state budget meant to assist poor farmers.

Nguyen Thong Nhan, former director of the province’s agriculture department and manager of a Vietnam-Denmark fisheries project, is

charged with taking VND55 million and allowing his deputy Nguyen Trung Chanh to take more than VND120 million ($6,100) for personal spending from the project.

They misappropriated the sum by faking receipts for
expenditure on non-existent training courses for farmers in Ca Mau, Vietnam’s

southernmost province.

In total, VND3.9 billion ($ 200,000) is estimated to be
illegally spent from the VND7.5 billion ($384,812) project meant to assist

farmers in fish and shrimp cultivation.

Nhan was expelled from the Communist Party of Vietnam in

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