Danish Business School in Malaysia

Asia eUniversity (AeU), an international university supported by 31 Asian countries, including Malaysia, has teamed up with the International Business School of Scandinavia (IBSS) to offer a dual master’s degree programme in business administration.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) will be accredited and certified by AeU and IBSS, but students can work on it at AeU’s main campus here beginning next month.

The lectures and tutorials will be delivered by lecturers of both universities and the programme is equivalent to that offered at IBSS in Denmark.

“We signed an agreement with AeU on Sept 7, 2009 to launch the dual-award MBA programme. The first class started in November the same year, but only for Vietnamese MBA students. At present, there are 39 Vietnamese students doing this programme,” said Martin Neilsen, chief executive officer of management of eVision Group International and Skills Group in Vietnam.

“But from next month, we are opening admission for this programme to the world,” he told the New Sunday Times.

There will be no closing date for admission as the application is open throughout the year. The dual-award MBA programme will be modular and students can join the next available class, which is normally every two months.

On its reasons for choosing Kuala Lumpur-based AeU, Neilsen said it had the “high-level of English proficiency, business environment and open system.

“We believe that Malaysia is the future education hub of Asia. So, when we had the chance to meet the CEO of AeU, we were happy to discuss starting dual degrees,” he added.

“AeU is in many ways similar to IBSS. It focuses on blended learning. AeU is also looking into internationalisation in the same way as IBSS. Therefore, the collaboration was seen as a perfect match.”

What is so unique about the AeU-IBSS dual-award MBA programme?

“The MBA is not just a set-up where one school validates another school. Our set-up is based on real collaboration where both parties work on making the best possible set-up,” Neilsen said.

“Our programme is not a twinning programme, but one developed jointly by AeU and IBSS. We both provide equal number of academics to facilitate the modules offered in the programme.”

IBSS plans to work with AeU to take the dual award MBA programme to Europe and Africa.

“We believe the quality is now proven. So, to bring it international should be the next step.”

He added that last year has been a busy year for IBSS. After establishing an office in Vietnam, it entered into a collaboration with Future Leaders College in Britain.

It has also established its own campus in London and signed a collaborative arrangement with an established training establishment in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

AeU is a flexible, international university set up in Asia, by Asians for Asia under the Asia Cooperation Dialogue.

It collaborates with other institutions of higher learning and training centres in the 31 ACD countries to offer academic programmes and training.

The university has been selected as one of the key prime movers in the Economic Transformation Programme.


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