Meet Swedish Society in Hua Hin

Over 200 Swedish residents in Hua Hin were gathered for a monthly meeting of the Swedish Society in Hua Hin on January 27, 2011 at 3 Girls restaurant. This was the first meeting of Year 2011. All seats were taken so extra chairs had to be provided!
Swedish Society (Svenskföreningen i Hua Hin) arranged the meeting and members had the traditional pea soup and pancake together with beers. When they finished, the seats were re-arranged in order to make sure that all participants would be ready for the special discussion. Tonight the participants met Par Kageby. Par currently works as Consul in the Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok. He visited the Swedish Society for the third year to share his work, his experience, and his advice of living in Thailand. It was amazing all participants paid full attention to his presentation and asked relevant inquiry.
Par Kageby said “I am happy to be here again, meet up my old friends and talk to others Swedes. I hope to visit them again.”
Gert Andersson, President of Swedish Society in Hua Hin, said “We have more that 800 members now and I believe that more than 2,500 Swedes in Hua Hin. Even we don’t know all of us but we are strong community.”
Harry Stefan Jerling said “I and board members are very busy with the arrangement. I do the stage, script and even taking picture. I can be anything in this community. I want to make sure that everything is going in proper way.”
The meeting was over for January. However they look forward for a next forum again in February 2011.


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