Nine Swedes Lost 2.5 Million Swedish Kronor to Fraudsters in Thailand

An email sent from a company called Microsoft Cooperation UK to a 63-year-old resident of Malmo described how the company would turn invested money into fortunes. The Swede was promised an amount of 4 million US Dollars, but he ended up loosing both his own and other peoples money.
Reporting on the case, the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan describes how the 63-year-old man called a phone number and got in touch with a man called Steve Mark at Microsoft Cooperation UK, not to be confused with the big software company . Steve Mark asked the Swedes to come to Thailand where the 4 million US Dollars were placed. The 63-year-old called a friend and together they got on the plane to Thailand.
When they arrived the two Swedes were met by a few persons at a hotel. A suitcase was presented containing the notes . The snag was that the notes were covered with a powder that would need to be removed. This could only be done in a laboratory using various chemicals. And it costs money. A lot of money.

The two Swedes got excited about this golden opportunity and went back to Sweden and talked friends and relatives into the project. They took loans in their banks and ended up spending their own and others money, a total of app. 2.5 mio Swedish Kronor.
Police in both Thailand and Sweden are now investigating the case but they have yet to find the fraudsters.
Now the two Swedes are being sued in a civil action by one of the nine who contributed money and the court will reach a verdict in two weeks.

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