Swedes not Scared of Left Driving

The Swedish car rental company Holiday Autos conducted a survey to find out if traffic on the left is considered a problem for Swedish tourists. Only few of the respondents did find Thailand`s traffic on the left to be a major problem when renting a car.

One in three Swedes feel, however, some concern about driving a car on the left side of the road. But nevertheless they seems to be willing to rent a car anyway.

”Our experience tells us that you quickly adapt to traffic and If it feels a bit odd to switch gears with the left hand an automatic transmission is another option”, says Anna Madsen, Marketing Manager at Holiday Autos.

The survey showed the following result:

”How do you relate to rent a car in countries that have traffic on the left?”

I rent a car and do not worry more than usual – 57 percent
I rent a car but worries me more than usual – 34 percent
I do not rent a car because of the left traffic – 8 percent
I do not rent a car at all – 1 percent

The survey was conducted in December 2010 and 2580 Swedes participated.

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