From Manila to the Grassy Field of Sweden

Short but significant was the visit of Korea Scout Association President Dr Kang Young Joong to one of the Scout troops of Ticket to Life (TTL) in Manila, Philippines after giving one Scout a ticket to attend the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden this year.

In his brief stay with the children on 26th January this year, Dr Kang enjoyed watching them demonstrating some of their Scouting skills like survival cooking, knotting, and bandaging.

Upon learning that Operation One World will send one Scout from the Ticket to Life Project to the upcoming Sweden world jamboree, he decided to sponsor one more Scout after seeing their enthusiasm to learn and valuing hard work. So from the streets of Manila, the two Scouts will set their feet to the green grassy field of Kristianstad in southern Sweden to join an estimated 30,000 Scouts from all over the world.

“I see hope and aspiration in your eyes”, said Dr Kang in his short interaction with them. Impressed with what he saw, he encouraged them to keep working hard, that being rich or poor is not based on wealth but on the willingness to work hard and never giving up.

Furthermore, he noticed their ability to communicate well in English despite not coming from a school or have lost schooling. He jokingly said that they are better than him because he even needs an interpreter to talk to them.

Dr Kang believes that this sponsorship gives them a ticket to a once-in-a lifetime experience that will guide them through life.

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