British Club Keeps Trophy

Sunday Scandinavian Society Siam and British Club held their annual Golf Turnament against each other on Sunday 06 March 2011. The trophy will stay one more year at the British Club because this year – again – the match ended even.

Since 1989 the two clubs have teamed up every year to fight for the right to hold the trophy and for more than five hot hours golfers of the SSS and BC were sweating through the 18 holes fighting for their rights to be keepers of the silver cup.

Twenty participants from BC and twenty from SSS made sixteen teams and playing three different matches. For every game won the team had a point. At the end of the day the results was 6-6.

Anne-Marie Hauslo, former Chairman of SSS and currently one
of the organizers of SSS Golf events, and Ole Madsen, likewise a former
SSS Chairman, had teamed up against Simon Fischer and Peter Bond. Most
of the day the advantages were on their side. But by the end they were
overtaken by the Brits.
“We were a good team, when one of us had a
bad hit, then the other one did it well, so it was a pity that we did
not make it to the end,” Anne Marie says.

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