IKEA Bangkok Celebrated Roof Capping

IKEA confirmed last night at the traditional Swedish party, taklagsfest på svenska, themed “Wholeheartedly Warm” that the mega store is looking at the end of this year, specifically November 3, 2011, to launch its new store in Bangkok which will be the largest store in Southeast Asia.
Around 200 guests attended the party to celebrate the roof capping of the store, and were given a taste of what to expect via video presentations.
The videos exhibited how IKEA did not just provide unique designs but also how affordable these designs were.
Making an animated entrance, Ikano (Thailand) Ltd. Managing Director Tom Huzzel arrived on the stage by an IKEA mini-wagon before making his speech. In his speech he acknowledged the fact that a large number of tourists in Thailand are from Sweden but he had barely seen Thais in Sweden. So the IKEA store that is being set up is an attempt to bring a little bit of Sweden for everyone in Thailand to have a taste of.
When asked about the benefits of shopping here, Huzzel said

“I can only say three things, nice designs, good functions and low prices.”
He explained that IKEA buys everything in big quantities with the intention to sell in big discounts to make the price more affordable.
He mentioned that customers help keep IKEA prices as low as possible by choosing not to pay for unnecessary help, such as delivery and assembling, which they are able to do themselves.
Later, the guests were treated to traditional Swedish food such as ‘Janssons Frestelser’ – baked potatoes with cream, marinated herring on black bread – and various hors d’oeuvres among others.
IKEA Bangna is situated as part of the MegaBangna and will provide a wide selection of 7,500 furnishing designs. The store also comes with approximately 700 seats in the restaurant and 1,300 car parking spaces.






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