Maersk Donates Free Freight to soppurt Japan

In response to the devastating earth quake and tsunami which hit Japan last week, AP Moller Maersk has donated free freight for the European relief aid that has been urgently requested by the Japanese Government and International Red Cross and other certified organizations.

The offer is given on a first come first served basis. Pending the size and composition of the requested transports it may include aid from several European countries and/or the EU.
The donation has already been communicated to the relevant European countries and institutions as well as directly to the Japanese Government.
At the disclosure of the donation, the Ambassador of Denmark in Tokyo, Mr. Franz-Michael S. Mellbin said: “Denmark is firmly committed to helping Japan and the Japanese people recover and rebuild. The donation by AP Moller Maersk is not only very generous, it is also timely and relevant. I am proud and happy to see how the Danish business community quickly has responded with compassion to the suffering of the Japanese people. Every day – every hour – counts when it comes to bringing help and alleviation to those in need.”

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