Thai housing projects built the Swedish way

Thai style houses built with Swedish quality standards is one of the offerings in Stefan Widing’s new venture Logans Thailand.
     “Another is hotels. The first we have built, Logans Place at Koh Chang, opens June 1st, and a second one there, Logans Hotel, is on the drawing board with land rights already secured,” says Stefan Widing who previously managed the construction and local operations of Scandinavian Village up to its completion late last year.
     His first hotel at Koh Chang is an intimate boutique resort while the second has 78 rooms. Both are located along the major White Sands beach on the island’s western side.
     Housing kicks off with a 24 villas project not far from Scandinavian Village.
     “And it will be called Logans Village,” says Stefan Widing who is keen to build the brand name from the very beginning.
     Key features in all his projects, says Stefan, is a Thai-Swedish design blend that appeal to Scandinavians and building materials and methods that are on par with Swedish quality norms and standards.
     “Bangsaen has a good climate all year round and Logans Village is only 45 minutes drive from the new Bangkok airport which opens 2005,” elaborates Stefan as why he has picked the east coast of Thailand.
     Simultaneously in his native Sweden launches a real estate brokerage called Thailands Mäklarna its operations June 1st. Stefan is one of the owners. This company is set to target the growing number of Swedes that want to have a home of their own in Thailand.
     “In addition to private estates we will also take assignments for customers looking for commercial property as well,” explains Stefan Widing. “Of course we promote our own projects. But it is equally important for us to service all other requests on a Thailand house or building venture. Everyone with interest in Thai real estate is welcome.”
     There are many pitfalls foreigners should beware of in construction and real estate business in Thailand. What assurances have you to prospective clients that they will sail safely through the process without any problems?
     “I first did business in Thailand 1988 and have worked here since 1992. It began with business development, management training and head hunting for customers like Central Group and Bangkok Airways. We began planning for Scandinavian Village 1995,” says Stefan and adds that the latter is the only BOI approved project of its kind in Thailand which in itself means that Scandinavian Village meets considerable quality requirements on work, management and accounting routines.

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