Swedish Rape Victim Provide Evidence of Rape

A 21- year old Swedish woman faced a judge at the Phuket provincial Court Monday to provide evidence that she was brutally raped by a local taxi driver. Thereby she should be able to leave Phuket with her family as planned this very Tuesday.

The local police didn’t hesitate charging the driver, Khun Piri with rape, after they had read the report of a medical examination at Vachira Hospital in Phuket City.

The examination more than indicated that there was evidence of an intercourse surely had taken place, and more important, it wasn’t consensual.

According to Scandasia.com’ sources in Phuket, Khun Piri, who cheated on his wife in a violent and illegal way, harming an innocent young Swedish woman, will face the Phuket Provincial Court within 12 days. He wasn’t present in the court during the hearing of the young Swedish woman.

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