A Chinese Student is Accused of Killing Student in Sweden

A Chinese student attending school in Sweden is accused of killing his 25-year-old fellow student, Chen Hao, a woman from Shanghai, on March 31. Chen was stabbed more than 10 times while she was on shopping trip.

Before the attack, Chen had told her close friend that the suspect, whose name hasn’t been released, had asked her to be his girlfriend and that she had turned him down, according to Oriental Morning Post.

Fang Ying, manager of the UK education department at the Shanghai CIIC Education International Co, said many students aren’t prepared for the hardships that come with going to school in a foreign country.

“Many parents thought an overseas education could make their children stronger competitors in the future, and that the earlier their children went abroad, the easier it would be for them to get accustomed to life overseas,” she said.

“But going alone to study is not good for every student, especially at a young age.”

“Many Chinese children are spoiled by their parents, who tend to be very protective. They often feel lonely and depressed when they first come to a foreign land,” Fang said. “Parents should pay more attention to their children’s mental health when they are abroad. If proper remedies aren’t taken, a child’s personal development will be hindered.”

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