Norwegian Visa Service Centre Now Open

The brand new Norwegian Visa Service Centre (VSC) at the ground floor of Petron Mega Plaza Building is now open. The VSC serves as the first line for the Visa Section. The purpose of the VSC is to provide better service to applicants and sponsors, and a better working environment for the Embassy Staff.

The staff at the VSC provides information and guidance to applicants and sponsors about all the various Visas and Residence Permits to Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

The VSC screens all applications before the interview to make sure that applicants have complete applications. Advice is given where applicants are lacking documents.

Information about status of applications is also given at the VSC.

Applicants who have been informed that their applications have been approved may hand in their passports and other requested documents at the VSC from 9am-11am. (Visas are released at the Embassy (in the 21st floor) at 3pm). 

The VSC is located at the ground floor of the Petron Mega Plaza Building (entrance from Buendia Services Extension Road) and is open from 9am-2.30pm, Monday-Thursday, and from 9am-12 noon on Fridays.

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