Danes Behind Software Based Emmission Monitoring System

 The Danish company Weel and Sandvig introduced a more effective way of emission monitoring with robust mathematical software models in a newly held workshop. On a workshop at the Peninsula Hotel in Jakarta Dr. Jan Sandvig Nielsen from the Danish company Weel and Sandvig gave a presentation about Predictive Emission Monitoring (PEMS).

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the new technology in Indonesia. PEMS is an emissions monitoring system that is based on computer modelling. It is as accurate as the conventional Continuous Emissions Monitoring System and it has been accepted in countries like the USA, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia, including Denmark.

The predicted emissions lie within 1-2% of those measured with conventional systems. The advantages of PEMS is a that it is a lot cheaper since the software based system does not require complex installation and intensive maintenance. The technology can be applied on gas turbines and steam boilers. Under normal circumstances the savings can be up to 50%.

Weel and Sandvig are planning to form a partnership in the B2B Programme with the Indonesian company Hyprowira Adhitama to do a Pilot Project where they will build a test unit for their PEMS technology. The idea is to show officials from the government and potential clients that the technology can demonstrate accuracy and reliability.

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