Singaporeans stomach millions of Swedish meatballs

Ask a Singaporean to name a typical Swedish dish and you are likely to hear “meatballs with boiled potatoes, lingonberry jam and cream sauce”.
     That thanks to Ikea on Alexandra Road in Singapore.
     “I guess we must be doing something right in the restaurant as we are serving more than three million Swedish meatballs per year,” says John H Petersen, Managing Director Ikano Pte Ltd which operates the department store in Singapore.
     “I assume that chicken with rice are no longer the favorite dish for Singaporeans…”
     Ikea’s meatball servings are ten pieces per plate.
     Divide it with three million meatballs and we arrive at an average 822 daily very traditional Swedish meatball servings per day.
     Would you know why Singaporeans are so crazy about Swedish meatballs?
     ”We have never made a survey, but the feedback we get from our customers, is that our meatballs are just delicious,” explains John H Petersen.

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