2,600 Thai-finnish Couples in Finland

More and more Finnish men marry a Thai woman. Now there are more Thai women than Russian women who have married a Finnish man.

The amount of Thai woman – Finnish man marriages have tripled in the 2000’s.

There are 2,600 couples in Finland in which the wife is Thai and the husband is Finnish. The number of Finnish woman – Thai husband marriages is less than 40.

When things turns ugly Thai women have few options when faced with domestic abuse in Finland.

“By the end of May the Interior Ministry’s Police Department will set up guidelines for local police to help Thai women who have been subjected to domestic violence.

At the same time more efficient integration procedures elsewhere in society are also needed, says Minna Gråsten, the acting head of the office of police permit administration.

Hundreds of Thai women live in Finland as victims of domestic violence or as sex workers. They have been left outside of the support network of Finnish society.

This is revealed in a new report on integration procedures for Thai women by the Interior Ministry’s Migration Department.

Domestic violence is common in Finnish-Thai families. Women do not dare divorce due to fears over losing their residence permit, and especially if they have children.

Therefore they either suffer in silence or flee underground, often ending up as sex workers in massage parlours.”

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