First B2B Environment Joint Venture

The first JV partnership in the B2B Environment Programme in Indonesia has been signed.

The Indonesian companies Gikoko Kogyo Indonesia and Panca Bhakti Utama signed a JV agreement together with the Danish company Q2 (partly-owned by GasCon) on Friday, 20 May 2011. At the same time the deed starting up the company was signed in front of the notary.

Gascon and Gikoko have been on the B2B Programme since 2009 where they applied for their first study visits. Since then the two partners have been very productive. They completed a pilot project where they used Gascon’s expertise in landfill gas extraction to save a CDM-project at the Sumur Batu landfill.

The B2B Environment Programme in Indonesia is relatively new; it was established in 2009. Therefore, the JV is an important milestone for the Programme.

In January 2011, Gascon and Gikoko, started the Project Phase in the B2B Environment Programme, with a DKK 2.9 million support from the Danish Government. With this support, they will continue the technology transfer process through training and technical assistance, both in Indonesia and in Denmark.

A new landfill gas extraction project will be used as the main learning platform and a way to deliver some of the development impacts for Indonesia. More news as the partnership progresses.

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