17 May Celebration in Pattaya

Text and Photo by the Norwegian Church in Pattaya
Guests poured into the Norwegian Seamen’s’ Church in Pattaya like never before to join the 17 May celebrations. The breakfast was joined by 220 guests. Once again it was a very nice breakfast that our staff and helpers had created – with everything you would expect from a 17 May breakfast.

When we came to the service, the church garden was so full that the priest Jan Olav could just place the podium in the middle of the garden and let the guests gather around.

Many late comers only arrived when the procession was ready to begin. At that time there were probably 260 participants – young and old. Oddvar held an excellent speech on the occasion.

The young played games and enjoyed the ice cream and hotdogs when we arrived the location where the last part of the celebrations took place.

As usual the day was sponsored by local Norwegian related companies.

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