The Second Global Think Tank Summit in Beijing

China’s deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang and US former state secretary, Henry Kissinger spent the last June weekend of 2011 in Beijing discussing global economic challenges. Accompanying them were various leaders of international organizations, business institutions, and think tanks. Norway was represented by Ambassador Svein Sæther.

Recently the Chinese think tank China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) hosted the Second Global Think Tank Summit. The first summit was conducted in 2009 in the wake of the financial crisis. There are a significant number of formidable think tanks in China, and several of these were gathered at this year’s summit alongside representatives from international organizations, business institutions and public administration.

Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang held an insightful opening speech that set the tone for two days of fruitful discussions. In his speech, former state secretary Kissinger emphasized China’s role in bringing the world out of the financial crisis, but also stressed that the global structure does not yet reflect China’s significance.

Ambassador Sæther emphasized the extensive collaboration existing between Norwegian and Chinese knowledge institutions. The Ambassador particularly underlined the collaboration between the Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research and China’s Institute for Reform and Development, both of which were represented at the summit. The Ambassador also referred to Norway’s role in the Arctic and on energy issues, and the potential for further cooperation with China.


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