Dead Finnish Man Found at Condo in South Pattaya

A Finnish tourist,  Mr Jouni Tapani Aulosvuo, 43, was found dead at a condominium in South Pattaya. The police assumes that he died from heavy drinking and underlying disease

Sawangboriboon Foundation of Pattaya was informed of the death of a foreigner at a condominium in South Pattaya. The foundation informed Pattaya Police who rushed to the scene.

At the scene, the police found the body of Mr Jouni Tapani Aulosvuo, Finnish national, lying on a sofa, wearing only a shorts. The police discoved that he was not injured and assumed that he had died approximately four hours earlier. A bottle of beer was also found near his body, writes PDN.

The police assumed that Mr. Aulosvuo’s death was caused by heavy drinking and an underlying disease. However, the police would take his body to the Institute of Forensic Medicine for autopsy to determine the actual cause of his death. The Embassy of Finland would also be contacted.

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