Vietnamese Woman Charged with Human Trafficking and Pimping

 A 62-year-old Vietnamese woman in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been arrested and charged with trafficking and pimping.

The woman was arrested on Tuesday 12 July 2011 in connection with an action against a Thai brothel in Vesterbro in Copenhagen.

Wednesday the woman will face the court, in a procedure required for further detention.

The 62-year-old woman is charged under Penal Code chapter on human trafficking and pimping. The clause targets also individuals involved in the organization of foreign prostitutes working in Denmark.

And it was precisely the foreign prostitutes, the police officers met when they showed up at the brothel without any warning.

Four women of Thai origin were present. Two of the Thai women will also be charged in the case.

The charges against them will be for working without recidence permit in Denmark.

Tuesday afternoon police were still engaged in the operation, which involved several raids in the greater Copenhagen.

According to police, the brothel involving the arrested Vietnamese national has been investigated for some time.

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