Vietnam’s Folk Music Well Received in Finland

Vietnam ethnic traditional music performed at a recent international music festival in Finland has gained warm feedback from audiences and the press.

The local newspaper Kuhmolainen dedicated its first page to discuss its overwhelming impression of Vietnam’s traditional music at the International Folk Music Festival held recently.

Titled “Not daring to look at the artists’ eyes,” it praises Vietnamese musicians for their captivating performances and a distinctive musical heritage.

“No one dared to look at their eyes,” the newspaper wrote. “There was an air of excitement and attractiveness that made it irresistible and tempted all of the audiences to join hands and dance on stage.”

The festival attracted nearly 300 traditional musicians from 9 countries, including 6 artists from Vietnam who showcased the country’s Central Highland traditional music.

Traditional wind instruments of the ethnic minorities E De and M’Nong such as the ding nam, or sao lut were the highlights of Vietnam’s performances, as local audiences were very interested in the way they were played.

These flutes weren’t played on their own, but were combined with other instruments such as drums or alternative sources of sound such as clapping and patting.

Vu Lan, a folk researcher who joined the festival said Vietnam’s performances were always well received in Finland, especially in the two cities of Kuhmo and Kajanin.

At the festival, the audiences didn’t just give rounds after rounds of applause, but approached musicians to ask more about the instruments after each performance, Lan said.

“It is a happy feeling to know that a part of our Central Highland culture and heritage has been shown to the world,” Lan said. “I think more opportunities to promote and introduce it to the international music community will come in the future.”

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