New Modern Restaurant in Beijing

The Royal Smushi House has opened a cafe, restaurant, bar, showrooms and a bakery in Sanlitun, Beijing.

The Royal Smushi Cafe has given birth to a new phenomenon in China – Smushi. It’s a modern version of the famous Danish open sandwich ‘smørrebrød’ with a sushi twist. The upstairs restaurant is serving modern, Nordic food, and reinterprets classic dishes as lamb, soup and salmon. After dinner you can get a drink at the bar or enjoy it on the roof terrace. The downstairs bakery offers Danish pastries, bread, cupcakes and many other products.

Marketing Manager Johan Jørstad Gade is excited about the concept.

“We would like to promote Danish food culture in China. We are excited to offer our guests a unique experience of contemporary Scandinavian cuisine and design. Many Chinese thinks, that Western food only consist of sandwiches. They don’t know much about Nordic cuisine. Danish food is on the way up – thanks to NOMA, and we are a part of that branch of Nordic cuisine,” he says, referring to the Danish two time World best restaurant.

In addition The Royal Smushi House also has two showroom showcasing – the English magazine Monocle and the Danish design brand Georg Jensen.

The two Danish designers Rud Christiansen and Lo Østergaard have designed both the restaurant and the cafe, and the entire interior is from Danish designers – even the wallpaper.

The first Royal Cafe opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2007. The second cafe opened in Tokyo, Japan. And Beijing is now next in line to get a taste of the modern, Nordic cuisine.


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