Danish Recognition to Chinese Artist

Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, has chosen the sculpture Red Memory-Shy Boy by the famous Chinese artist Chen Wen Ling as the winner of exhibition Sculpture by the Sea. The Sculpture will now be placed in a public area in the city.

As a part of the international exhibition Sculpture by the Sea in Aarhus one of the participating sculptures is nominated to be placed in a public place in the City.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated by The Crown Price Couple, chose the sculpture Red Memory-Shy Boy by Chinese artist Chen Wen Ling as the audiences’ favourite, and it is therefore privileged by being placed in the City. Almost 3.000 citizens participated in the election, and more than half a million people came to visit the exhibition during the three weeks it lasted.

Dan Boyer, the CEO of the company Pressalit, says: 

“I am very pleased, that we can help maintaining an international artwork in Aarhus for the benefit of all the citizens. It’s no secret that Red memory-Shy Boy was my personal favourite in this year’s competition, so I am pleasantly surprised, that the people of Aarhus voted for this sculpture as the winner of the contest.”

The company Pressalit is, together with The City of Aarhus, financing the purchase of the sculpture.

Chens work with the Red Boy is a series of boys portrayed in scarlet and have renounced international recognition. Within the coming month it will be determined, where the sculpture will be placed in the city.

More information: www.sculpturebythesea.com

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