Chinese Tourism to Norway is Booming

The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai is pleased to report an astonishing growth in the number of Chinese tourists visiting Norway.

The number of tourist visas (ADS) issued at the Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai reached a record high this summer, counting almost 2 000 in July. This is a year on year increase of more than 150 per cent since 2010.  “We are very happy that so many Chinese travelers want to visit Norway and explore our beautiful county” says Norwegian Consul General to Shanghai, Mr. Bjørn Blokhus.

The vast majority of Chinese tourists visit Norway on group tours arranged by tour operators. The two most popular destinations are; Norway`s capital Oslo, where people can enjoy the urban city, cultural life and great shopping, as well as the fjords and the amazing scenery of western Norway.

While reaching a record high in July 2011, Norway has had the pleasure of welcoming an increasing amount of Chinese tourists since the introduction of group tourist visa in 2004. Chinese tourists have become an important target group when promoting Norway as a tourist destination. This large increase implies that Norway`s strategy for attracting Chinese tourists has been a success.

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