The Embassy of Sweden in KL Will be Reestablished

The Swedish Government and the Social Democrats has agreed upon the allocation of the funds to the Government Offices.

•  The agreement means that the funds for the Government Offices will be restored to the levels proposed in the Budget Bill for 2011.

•  The agreement also means that the Government will take urgent action to stop the closure of the Embassies in Angola, Argentina, Malaysia and Vietnam.

•  Furthermore – the Goverment and the Social Democrats has agreed upon to further strengthen the diplomatic presence in key emerging markets. The Government will consult regularly with the Parliament on the further development of Swedens foreign representation.

•  During the term of office a targeted export promotion will be carried out with focus in small and mediumsized enterprises on trade in all the BRIC countries and Iraq. The focus is directed particularly against the major industries of the future, for example, creative industris, energy and environmental technology.

The details of the decision and more information will follow.

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