Sony-Ericsson grows in Asia Pacific

Carl-Henric Svanberg, president and chief executive of Ericsson, points out that Sony-Ericsson Mobile Communications undergoes sales increase after focusing on product designs and user friendly and trendy features. He is optimistic about the company’s prospects in Asia Pacific region and expects certain growth in mobile systems this year.
      Sony-Ericsson has launched various popular mobiles phones, putting together features such as imaging, entertainment, connectivity and ease of use, which are significant for the consumers’ buying decisions today. The Nation newspaper reported that by shifting its attention to product design, Sony-Ericsson has a boost of 66% in first quarter sales from the same period last year.
      Tong Kai Loong, Sony-Ericsson’s senior manager of Asia Pacific product marketing, stated that the company will introduce another two models, S700 and K700 with color displays, which are popular at present, where S700 is said to have better interface and higher color resolution than the popular T610. However, Sony-Ericsson focuses on basic functionality such as sound quality before they add other features on top of that.
      Sony-Ericsson Mobile Communications is a joint venture between Sweden’s Ericsson, a big telecom company, and Japan’s consumer electronics powerhouse Sony Corp established in 2001, where Sony produces handsets and Ericsson emphasizes on networks.

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