From B2B to DBP

Since 8 August 2011, Danida’s B2B Environment Programme has been replaced by a new programme called Danida Business Partnerships (DBP), reflecting the new focus of Danish development assistance on Growth and Employment.

While the immediate objective is still focused on knowledge and technology transfer with a maximum support of DKK 5,000,000 (IDR 8.1 billion) for each partnership, the change brings more flexibility to the partnership constellation supported under the programme, simplifies the phases and allows for more activities.

Through this new grant programme, Danida encourages transfer of knowledge and technology from Danish companies to their Indonesian partners. This is done within sustainable partnerships which create value to the companies and at the same time add overall value to society.

Depending on the business model, it is now possible to include partners from research/academic institutions, civil society organisations, public institutions, etc. However, all partnerships should still have a commercial orientation and contribute positively to the local community. The main development impact criteria all partnerships should meet are increased employment and positive effect to the local society.

The simplified programme now consists of two phases: the Preparation Phase and the Implementation Phase. Identifying partners, introductory visits and defining the partnership and business model for support are part of the Preparation Phase. The Implementation Phase includes activities such as technical assistance and training of local partners staff, establishment of the partnership, environmental improvements etc.

In the Preparation Phase Danida can support up to 750,000 DKK (maximum 75% of the expenses). If it is successful, the partnership can further apply for support up to a maximum of 5,000,000 DKK (maximum 50% of the expenses).

All new and continuing applications will be considered under the new DBP Guidelines, while all current commitments under the B2B Environment Programme will continue as agreed in their project documents.

To read more about the Danida Business Partnerships go to:

If you are interested or have questions about the partnership do not hesitate to contact the DBP Coordinator, Ms Anjelita Malik ([email protected]).

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