Danish Music Video Copied in Vietnam?

Danish music video has been copied in Vietnam alleges Danish music video director Michael Saur Christensen, who created the original video for the Danish duo, Burhan G and Nik & Jay’s monsterhit ‘Taettere paa himlen’ (Closer to Heaven). If you turn off the sound, one would only notice Burhan G’s trained upper body has been replaced with a Vietnamese pop singer.

“It’s fucking wild. They’ve copied both the light and set design down to the smallest detail. But technically speaking, it is a poor copy,” says the director who finds the copy comical.

The Danish director and the duo have no plans to pursue the matter in court.

“Vietnam is too far away. Had it been in Denmark that it was copied, those who did this would regret it,” says Michael Saur Christensen to the Danish daily Ekstra Bladet.

See copy the video here and judge for yourself whether this is a copy or not.

You can then compare with the original ‘Taettere paa himlen’ video with Burah G and Nik & Jay here

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