Malaysian Restaurant Owner Charges Danes for Leftovers

Malaysian restaurant owner in Hjorring in Denmark charges a fee of 30 DKK if the guest leaves more than 150 grams of food on the plate.

“I would like to remind the Danes that they should not be wasting food,” says owner Chemin Lee, Vin & Bof.

“It’s expensive and bad for the environment when you throw out too much leftovers.”

According to local daily, this kind of fee should not be uncommon in Malaysia. “The phenomenon should also be widespread in Australia, USA and Germany, but it is the first in this country,” writes Nordjyske.

“It’s an excellent idea if the fee can help to manage our culture’s eat-all-you-can mentality, so we can do away with wasting and wasting,” says Rene Lang Dahl Jorgensen, who is chairman of The Danish food critics.

The charge is fully legal, as long as customers are informed of i before they dig into the meal.

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