Norwegians dance to Tinikling in PH cultural show

At this year’s Filippinsk Kulturaften (Filipino Cultural Evening) in Drammen Norway, Norwegians shared the limelight with Filipino cultural dances to celebrate Filipino culture.

Now on its fourth year, the event features Pinoy songs and dances performed by the Drammen Filipino Dance Group (DFDG) and other local talented Pinoy artists in Norway.  But with more Norwegians also performing in the show, they almost stole it from the Pinoys.

Many applauded the Curacha dance, which is a traditional Filipino courtship dance, performed by Norwegian men and their Filipina spouses. The audience was impressed by the barong-clad Norwegians swaying to the music.

Choreographer Marilyn Sarkinnen said she chose the barrio theme for the evening to proudly show her rural heritage from the North. She revealed that she comes from a farming community and is very proud of it and wanted to share this experience with the Norwegians and fellow Pinoys in Norway.

She also said that she is glad that the Norwegians are with their shows and that makes her a very proud Filipino in Norway.

Local talents Aasleik Kaptad and Maria Ruth Oedegaard also performed in the show. Kapstad played the accordion and the saxophone and Oedegaard rendered a soulful song number.

Local Norwegian politicians and community leaders also participated in the Tinikling with some, more successful than the others who managed to have their feet caught in the bamboo poles.

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