Finnish Man Falls to His Death from Apartment

A Finnish man who became depressed after he ran out of money apparently jumped to his death from the 4th floor of an apartment block in Central Pattaya.

Rescue Services were first on-scene and were soon joined by the Police who inspected the body of Mr. Kai Isokaanta aged 33 from Finland. He was lying face-down on the street, next to the building. A cashier at the apartments explained he had lived there since 26th July and would drink heavily. Recently she attempted to collect rent from Mr. Isokaanta who did not answer the door. They tried to open the door with a spare key but were unable to gain entry due to an inside lock.

They looked through a hole in the door and saw evidence of damage. He was then heard to move on to the balcony where he screamed he was about to jump. She alerted others who forced entry but they were too late as seconds before Mr. Isokaanta had jumped.

The forced-entry was captured on phone video as was the fall which was captured on security cameras. It was known he had recently lost a bag containing his passport and remaining money. Police are confident this was indeed a suicide but will wait for the results of a post mortem examination before they close the case. The Embassy of Finland in Bangkok has been informed.


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