Denmark Supporting Culture in Vietnam

During the next five years Denmark will support ‘Arts in public places’ and ‘Cultural dialogue between cultural manager and opinion makers’ as part of an on-going cultural corporation.

“Support to culture is an important part of our cooperation with Vietnam. Culture is an important part of the development of modern society, and we look forward to extend the already good relations between Vietnamese and Danish artists in the future”, Ambassador of Denmark John Nielsen said at the signing in the Ministry of Culture, as Denmark now supports new activities within culture with the approximate equivalent to 10 billion VND.

“The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism highly appreciate the fact that Denmark continued its development cooperation with Vietnam in culture in the next 5 years, especially in the context that a number of countries declared to withdraw or reduce ODA (Official Development Aid) for Vietnam. I believe that the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism will carry out successfully the project funded by Denmark, intensifying the cultural cooperation between the two countries to a deeper level’, Minister Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh said at the signing ceremony.

The support for ‘cultural dialogue’ intends to expand the cultural and artistic development in Vietnam. It will be implemented through dialogue at workshops with the participation of cultural managers and opinion makers from the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, Universities, and cultural institutions, together with experts from Denmark.

Denmark will also extend the support to a rather new area in Vietnam, which is ‘art in public space’. This component aims at strengthening the development of a contemporary art scene in Vietnam and enhances public participation and collaboration between Vietnam and Denmark. The support will include the organization of 3 contemporary artistic events in public spaces.

Furthermore, Vietnamese artists will visit Denmark and network with Danish artists in order to lay the foundation for longer-term collaborations.

These two components is an extensive cultural cooperation program between Vietnam and Denmark, covering also children literature, teaching arts in primary schools and a cultural fund (Vietnam – Denmark Cultural Development and Exchange Fund – CDEF) which support contemporary art projects and promote collaboration and creativeness between artists in Vietnam and Denmark.

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