Foreign workers now face stricter scrutiny by VN gov’t

Local authorities have been urged to conduct inspections on foreign workers, particularly those involved in foreign-invested projects, according to a new request made by Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) Pham Thi Hai Chuyen.

The move came after local media reported that a number of foreign labourers had been employed in Viet Nam without work permits.

Inspectors were tasked with figuring out how foreign contractors, working on projects in Viet Nam, Vietnamese investors and foreign workers, abide by domestic laws.

Localities were told to disseminate laws and regulations concerning foreign workers to enterprises and contractors employing them.
Foreign contractors were in turn requested to apply for work permits in accordance with the law before their workers arrived and took up employment in Viet Nam.

Meanwhile, the local departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs was called upon to increase check ups and inspections on the process of recruiting foreign workers, the granting and extension of work permits, especially for those working for foreign contractors.

Violators have been warned of strict punishments in the case of apprehension.

Inspection results must be submitted to MoLISA before October 31 in order that the ministry could report the current situation to the Prime Minister as soon as permissable.

According to the Department of Employment, Viet Nam currently employs around 74,000 workers from over 60 countries, with 58 per cent originating from Asia.

Around 21,400 foreign workers have been added to the country’s workforce since 2008.

The deputy department director said that the increase in foreign investment was among the main reasons behind the rise in foreign worker numbers.

According to MoLISA, the country will limit the group of foreign employees with lower qualifications, particularly among manual workers, the majority of whom come to Viet Nam to work on construction projects.

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