Indosat, Nokia Siemens Conduct Indonesia’s First 1800 MHz LTE Trial

Indosat, Indonesia’s leading operator, and Nokia Siemens Networks have successfully conducted the country’s first Long Term Evolution (LTE) field trial in the 1800 MHz band. The trial is based on FDD-LTE (frequency division duplex) technology and showcases Indosat’s network readiness to re-farm the existing 1800 MHz frequency band. The trial took place in Surabaya and Bali in the presence of government representatives and regulatory authorities.

During the trial, the companies showcased innovative applications such as e-doctor and e-education in the cities of Surabaya and Denpasar, which enabled a patient to remotely consult a doctor, and a lecturer to teach students, through video conferencing. In addition, 3D video streaming and CCTV camera surveillance were demonstrated.

“LTE brings a new generation of communications to Indonesia,” said Hans C. Moritz, director and chief technology officer, Indosat. “Nokia Siemens Networks was an obvious choice for the trial due to its large installed base and ability to deliver LTE in the 1800 MHz frequency band. The company’s technology leadership and excellent support services can help us re-use our existing 1800 MHz band, currently used for 2G services, for future LTE services.”

“Use of mobile broadband is growing at an unprecedented rate in Indonesia. Operators, therefore need to increase their focus on accommodating data traffic and providing faster data services,” added Harald Preiss, head of the customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “With LTE, operators such as Indosat will be able to offer increased throughput of up to 100 Mbps with a latency, or delay of only 10 milliseconds. More importantly, operators will be able to reduce cost per bit by up to 50%.”
Nokia Siemens Networks provided its commercial, end-to-end, LTE solution for the field trial. This included a radio network based on the Flexi Multiradio Base Station and Evolved Packed Core*, comprising Flexi NS (Network Server) and Flexi NG (Network Gateway). It also provided its Home Subscriber Server (HSS) to manage subscriber-related information and provide user authentication and authorization. Nokia Siemens Networks also provided network installation, commissioning and integration services.

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