Sweden awards grant to the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia

The Swedish Embassy in Phnom Penh announces the award of US $1.7 grant by the International Developement Cooperation Agency (Sida) to support the Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia (PIC). The 3-year grant will enable PIC to provide expertise, research and training to build the capacity of parliamentarians, focusing on three areas: research and legislation, representation and oversight and strengthening the Secretariats.

The PIC, which was established on February 23, 2011 as an independent, non-partisan NGO, is the only Cambodian NGO specifically established to support and enhance the capacity and improve the performance of Cambodia´s Parliament. The PIC was established with the support of members of Parliament and is governed by a Board of Directors that includes at least one Secretary General of Parliament, representatives of Cambodian civil society organizations and other members selected according to their commitment to democratic development and their parliamentary and management expertise. An Advisory Committee, composed of elected Cambodian Parliamentarians affiliated with different political parties and distinguished members of the public with strong ties to Cambodia and the Cambodian Parliament, will advise PIC´s Board of Directors.

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